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BBP Media Featuring Enterprise Orchard: Growing the Entrepreneurs of Tomorrow

Enterprise Orchard is a management consultancy which advises start-up and

early-stage enterprises. A force for good, they pave the way for

founders to grow flourishing businesses.

Starting a new enterprise is exciting but after that huge push for a successful business launch, real start-up life can be an anti-climax. Business growth often takes longer than you expect, and the daily grind strips you of that glowing motivation you felt in the

honeymoon period.

The truth is there is no golden bullet, no flick of a switch, no overnight miracle. Success comes from getting the little things right. Consistently. Over time. But this is hard when you’re wearing all the hats and only accountable to yourself.

Help is at hand; you are not alone. Enterprise Orchard have developed the Engine Room, a peer-to-peer learning accelerator, putting like-minded and similar stage entrepreneurs together in discussion groups, masterclasses and problem/solution sessions, enabling members to talk openly about any challenges they are experiencing, whilst being held accountable for achieving their goals.

The Engine Room’s mandate is to get you crystal clear on your mission, help you build a profitable business model, automate processes and scale up your business to over 6-figures in revenue.

The membership includes an online learning programme with ten modules, which provide strategies and business tactics, you can tailor and implement in your own business. The content is supplemented by live group discussions, and a weekly themed call, led by Ollie Collard the founder and inspiration behind Enterprise


If you want to hear more from Ollie, check out the company’s podcast, Founded & Grounded, which offers reality, reassurance and inspiration. It’s listened to in 80+ countries, been featured twice on BBC Radio and is ranked The UK’s No.2 podcast for start-ups.

Lack of finance can be another barrier to business growth. Enterprise Orchard can guide you to the funding you need through their established relationship with Virgin StartUp, a delivery partner of the Start Up Loan Scheme.

Start-Up Loans are a terrific scheme designed to support early-stage businesses. They are available to enterprises in their first 3 years of trading and come in the form of an unsecured personal loan of between £500 - £25,000, which can be spread over 5 years.

They carry free business support and guidance, with a year of free business mentoring. When we asked Ollie, He said “While there is no magic formula for becoming a successful entrepreneur, those who do tend to have mastered the following set of skills: excellent and effective communication; the ability to sell both themselves and their idea or product; unrelating focus; a willingness to learn and be flexible; and a solid business

model, are more likely to succeed”.

Enterprise Orchard is there to help founders gain those skills, build a profitable business and support them through their journey, developing relationships for life, not just for seasons or reasons.

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