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Do you have signs of entrepreneurial burnout?

When you create a business you're proud of, it can be challenging to admit that all your hard work and those sleepless nights may be starting to impact your health. We entrepreneurs are wired differently; often having to act as a lone wolf.

But don't worry you're not alone, even if you feel like you're running on empty. You know you have lots of pressures, bills to pay and sales to make. You have a great product or service, but you're starting to get discouraged by all the information coming your way. You aren't sure what your next steps are. You're feeling like you've been going round and round in circles. Do you find it hard thinking about anything else outside of your business? Is it all-consuming?

When this happens it is time to take time out and consider the following:

1. Create a process for planning and scheduling your time

  • Start each morning planning your day.

  • Set 3 goals

  • Estimate how long each task will take and plan each on in

  • It is essential to take a break. Make time for exercise (even a short walk) and a catch up your family and friends

2. Take advantage of automation where possible

  • Trying to automate something makes you understand the process inside out

  • You set up the automation once, but it works seamlessly behind the scenes again and again

  • You save time & brainpower to concentrate on the more important tasks which create significant value

3. Work to your schedule

  • Remind yourself why you started your company to keep you motivated

  • Avoid comparing yourself to others/wishing you were someone else

  • Start by looking back at how it all started. Remember your first customer, your very first sale - look how far you have come

Being an entrepreneur can require superhuman levels of optimism, commitment, and stamina at times. But this isn't sustainable. Remember to take time out, plan, reflect and connect with other founders.

Join our FREE community. Believe me. Having people around you on the same journey is sensational. You can celebrate together, complain together, inspire each other, boost each other, bring new perspectives, different experiences and ESCAPE THE LONELINESS.

The community has a powerful energy that will lift you up and keep you moving. It backs you when you’re struggling to back yourself.


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