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Founder Friday: What was the initial drive to start a business?

Updated: Apr 13, 2022

Welcome to our 'Founder Friday' series. Each week we will be introducing you to a founder in The Engine Room. Featuring this week is Stacy Munro, who is the founder of Myrror. Imogen sat down (virtually) with Stacy to ask her all about Myrror and what was Stacy's initial drive to come set up her own business. She talks to us about the skills to be an Entrepreneur.
Stacy Munro's Drive

So Stacy, can you tell us a bit about yourself?

Hi, I'm Stacy. I have worked in Financial Services for the last ten years, working my way up to the Senior Management level. I have two young children, and I juggle my time between being a mum, contracting in Financial Services and keeping up with the skills to be an Entrepreneur. All while trying to maintain some control at home, which is in rural Perthshire. Homelife revolves around the kids and football- with regular disappointment being delivered by Aberdeen and Inter Milan clubs. My husband and I try and get over to Milan every year to see a game and spend some time in the city as it is one of our favourite places.

You are doing the ultimate balancing act Stacy! Can you tell us what your start-up Myrror is all about?

Myrror is an app that allows consumers to privately and securely photograph and track their treatments. These treatments can be non-surgical to surgical, cosmetic dentistry, hair, tattoos and gender realignment. While you follow your treatments, you can add comments, notes and time stamping.

You can use a unique split-screen to see how your treatment progresses, seeing everything in a compressed timeline. You can then share selected things with your service provider for full collaboration, even during the lockdown. You have the option to personalise with your very own 'look locker' too for your sources of inspiration. Myrror is all about skills, drive, empowerment and taking control of your look. There is no active app like this, but there are plenty that allows you to use AI to change and project how you look. However, none look at the facts. You being you.

It sounds fantastic and fascinating business idea. So what lead you to set up and be an Entrepreneur?

It's something that I have always had the skills and drive to give myself a better work/life balance now that I have a young family, and to be honest; I didn't want the long daily commutes anymore; that's when I realised I have the skills to be an Entrepreneur. However, COVID-19 resulted in me being out of work with two pre-schoolers and having no idea how I would work while accommodating any form of blended school learning or another lockdown while I had a young family. So that cemented the skills, and I decided to be an Entrepreneur - I got myself funded, and I knew that this was what I needed to give myself the life I wanted and do something that I genuinely wanted to do.

I don't blame you for wanting to give up the commuting lifestyle. However, it sounds like the opportunity of starting your own business has met you at the perfect time. I am so having now set up your own business. What advice would you give to someone thinking about becoming an Entrepreneur?

Firstly, do your research to know you have a product that people need - do extensive consumer analysis. If that shows you have a good idea and skills to be an Entrepreneur, go for it. Make it a priority and set yourself goals (Engine Room will help with that!). Don't be discouraged early on - if you have done your research, keep referring to that evidence to influence your next step. Keep researching, invest in yourself, and read about skills to be an entrepreneur; starting a business needs skills, drive, and self-investment.

That's excellent advice! With that in mind, how has The Engine Room helped you?

I'd say constant drive, enhancing your entrepreneurial skills, confidence and connections - so great to have conversations with people that are either at a similar stage to you or have been through it so they can share the experience. There are efficient discussions that can be actioned straight off the back of a session, plus lots of free resources to be shared amongst you to help you get the best value at these stages. I think connections are so meaningful when setting up your own business! It can be lonely if not.

I definitely think connections are so important when setting up your own business! It can be really lonely if not. Unfortunately we are coming to the end of our Q&A, but I have one last question for you. What is your 'fun fact'?

Back in the day (good old 90's and early 00's), I rode horses competitively, bringing home a gold medal representing Great Britain in Canada.

Wow, that's quite an achievement! How amazing! Well, thank you, Stacy. It has been a pleasure to chat with you. Enterprise Orchard wishes you every success with the future of Myrror.

Thank you very much.


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