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How to improve your finance reporting: Building startup systems that scale

"It allowed me to see how much business I'd generated with certain customers, chase any customers who haven't paid and send them reminders... it used to take me a day to do it, but I able to get it down to a couple of hours."

Creating effective systems is essential to building a startup that can scale. That means getting financial reporting in place, being productive and communicating clearly.

Here Ryan Panchoo CEO and founder of Borough 22 Donuts talks about finding the right systems for his business. They make vegan, gluten free, oven baked donuts and even do a nut free and cook at home range. He's joined by Ollie Collard, founder of Enterprise Orchard, who also shares his priceless wisdom

Enter The Pitch!

Want to tell the world about your idea? The Pitch helps entrepreneurs create a kick-ass pitch and gives them the platform to use it.

Borough 22 Donuts:


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