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How to Optimize Time Management for Start-up Success Part 2

We know running a start-up is very challenging and the little time you have is very precious. You’re often trying to do multiple tasks at once or find yourself constantly worried you won’t get everything done. However, to ensure success for your start-up, it’s important to manage your time efficiently.

We’ve previously talked about the importance of time management and given tips to help (check out our last blog post) but now let’s talk about some very helpful tools to increase your productivity, reduce stress, and help you prioritise your time.

Top Time Management Tools

Here are some great tools to help with your time management

Boomerang – Great for your emails!

Boomerang adds features to Gmail and is great value for people who send hundreds of emails a week. It allows you to easily share your calendar availability, schedule an email to be sent automatically at the perfect time and is also free to use. Boomerang also has an inbox pause feature to keep distracting emails away while you’re working and need full concentration. It appears at the top of your Inbox to remind you your inbox pause is active, so you won’t forget, and you'll always be able to un-pause it anytime.

Toggl – track your time

Toggl is a no-hassle time tracking software that integrates with tens of different project management systems to be more productive throughout the day. Toggle allows you to create unlimited projects and sub-projects for accurate time tracking, reports team progress and has an online & offline time tracking system.

Trello - Visualise your tasks

Trello is a great tool for a start-up to help you visualise project tasks on a clear dashboard and is great for managing short and quick everyday jobs. Trello allows you to create unlimited task lists, share images and files and organises lists by dates or priority. It is also great to use for teams to collaborate on any project.

Rescue time – See where your time is going

Rescue time is an app that will send you weekly reports to show which tasks are stealing your time. The app also has distraction blocking, organisation tools and efficient automatic report tools. It is also a great team tracking app to use with software that’s dedicated to time management among team members.

Focus Keeper – reduce procrastination

This app uses the principles of the Pomodoro technique (a time management technique we talked about in our last blog post) to help reduce procrastination. Focus Keeper is designed to enhance your focus in a clever way that also prevents yourself and your team from being burned out. The more task sessions you finish, the longer your well-deserved break can be. The motivation to finish each task sessions drives motivation to stay focussed and increases overall productivity.

Running a start-up can be stressful and it’s easy to get overwhelmed with all that needs to be done. Employing time management tools are essential to better manage your precious working hours. Plus remember, it’s important to build in breaks into your schedule.

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