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The Power of Collaboration: working with my peers - by Banasa Williams

Updated: Aug 18, 2021

In November 2020 I had a unique opportunity to work with my fellow founders and Engine Room members Stacy @ Myrror App and Qandeel @ Nah outside of our usual weekly peer sessions (me pictured on the right).

I was creating a big social media giveaway for my brand Ksoni that was focused on Autumn Wellness. As the pandemic continued with lockdowns and disruptions I felt our community would appreciate the opportunity to win a lovely big prize from brands they love! We launched our campaign with 9 brands contributing to a prize worth over £500.

Why a collaboration?

I reached out to Stacy and Qandeel in the initial planning stages of the campaign because our products all appeal to a health & wellness oriented audience and we are all female founded start-ups that our communities are interested in learning more about. Beyond that, through the Engine Room we have been part of each other’s entrepreneurial journeys and I admire the resilience and tenacity both these ladies put into their businesses.

In our weekly peer sessions we shared triumphs, failures and worked together on issues that have been keeping us up at night. When an opportunity came up to work together on growing our audiences - a challenge for most start-ups - I knew I wanted them to be involved. And I was thrilled when they said yes!

How did we work together?

Stacy and Qandeel contributed products to the campaign and participated in promoting it to their audiences. It was wonderful to see the momentum of the campaign build over the 4 weeks we ran it and the excitement as our communities learned about each other.

The Results

The campaign ran over 4 weeks and generated 1.3k email sign ups, social media mentions from influencers with a combined reach of 80k and growth for all our social media channels. For tiny businesses like ours I’d say that’s a win!

Would I do it again?

Absolutely! The Engine Room has been so essential in growing my business and I’d love to collaborate with fellow entrepreneurs in the group on future opportunities.


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