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 And why we do what we do 


I’m Ollie, founder of Enterprise Orchard and it’s first graduate. I know this journey well.

Born in a mud hut in Thithithagal, a small rural village in India, I grew up in the 80s watching my mum, fluent in Tamil, use business as a force for good as she pioneered Fair Trade organic cotton, with Bishopston Trading Co  AND transformed the South India village in the process.

We went back and forth to India throughout my childhood, so I’ve seen first-hand the difference business can make to people and communities. Her drive inspired mine. Her commitment motivated my vision.

Since 2018, over 200 floundering founders have arrived at my door. For them, I’ve raised over £4 million and shared in their delight as they flourish and fly, building 6-figure businesses that do exactly what they want them to do.

Then Enterprise Orchard hit a ceiling. It was stuck, dogged down in the day to day operations. I realised the only way forward was delegating, automating and trusting other people. This was transformational.


Everything I learnt, I share with founders, guiding them through start-up swamp. 


Are you ready to embark on a journey to reach 6-figures in turnover?



Ollie Collard - Founder of Enterprise Or

Ollie is the drive behind bringing this new breed of innovation support to the start-up world.


Voted one of the top 50 UK Advisers in 2018 and 2019, Ollie has a wealth of experience, having worked with founders through Virgin StartUp, The Prince’s Trust, Business West and Oxford Innovation.


Outside the office, he fills his time with his young family, playing 5-a-side football and exploring the great outdoors.

Ollie Collard

Founder & MD


Loaded with experience in events, marketing and fundraising, Katherine (Kat) joined The Orchard in 2019 as creative director. She’s worked across the public, private and charity sectors, including Oxfam, Environment Agency and The Prince's Trust. 


When she leaves the office, Kat continues her creativity in cooking, gardening and arts. She has a passion for sustainability and set up a local lending library.

Katherine Morgan

Creative Director


In 2021, Mark started his advisory role at The Orchard to help our founders build and grow. Mark runs mch: positive impact, a well-established staff development company.

His impressive journey includes chief exec for a community development organisation and time as a consultant for McKinsey & Company. He’s a University of Oxford doctor of organic chemistry and one-time diplomat courtesy of his master’s in diplomacy and trade from Monash University, Australia.

Mark Hughes


Raiza Pineda - Sales & Marketing Executive

Managing all things marketing, Raiza oversees Enterprise Orchard’s social media, creates our content and supports our growing community.


Her marketing experience has achieved high performance results in a small business. 

During her time off, Raiza loves to travel, take care of her cat and spend time helping her family, 

Raiza Pineda

Sales & Marketing Executive


Supporting our growing community, Zora ensures our systems and processes are tip top, so we can really buoy up our start-up founders. She built her solid CRM experience at Rolls-Royce.


Zora is a committed cheerleader, training twice a week and working as president of her team. Any spare time she has, she spends walking her dog at the beach or working out at the gym.

Zora Barber

Community Manager


If you have a passion for start-ups and want to make a difference.

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