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Founder Friday

Updated: Jan 14, 2021

Welcome to our 'Founder Friday' series. Each week we will be introducing you to a founder within Enterprise Orchard's network. Featuring this week is Calum Knight, the founder of BeeYou Creations. Imogen sat down (virtually) with Calum to ask him all about BeeYou Creations and how he came to set up his own business.
Hi Calum, welcome to the Founder Friday series. Thank you for virtually sitting down with me to ask you about your business. To start off can you tell me a bit about yourself?

Hi Imogen, my name is Calum Knight, from Oldham. I'm a huge Liverpool fan. I watch and play a lot of football too. I also love to watch a lot of live music, back when it was safe to do so. I'm also a big dog person, love my springer spaniel a lot.

Hopefully you'll be able to go to a concert soon! I also love dogs, your springer spaniel sounds very sweet. Can you tell me a bit more about BeeYou Creations?

BeeYou Creations is a video marketing company based in Oldham, Greater Manchester. We specialise in providing businesses and brands with the right tools to optimise their online presence and celebrate the creativity and ingenuity that comes with that, through video. We want to "bust the myth" that having video production as part of your marketing strategy will cost the earth because it really doesn't have to! With the right content strategy, bespoke to each client we work with, we produce consistent, high level video content for social media with the aim to boost engagement and online growth for businesses. Video is such a powerful marketing tool that so many businesses aren't taking advantage of, whether that's because they don't think it's within their budget, they don't think it suits their needs, or simply because it can be quite daunting. That's where we step in. We work with each client to create bespoke content strategies that are line with their brand values and make the whole experience from concept, through production to final delivery very personable. 

I think that is so true about the myth of video content being expensive to produce. Video is a great tool to convey a businesses message. I think it's great what BeeYou Creations is doing to help businesses grow through using video as their strategy. Is this part of the reason why you set you your own business?

Yes, definitely. I wanted to provide businesses with the right tools to optimise their online presence without all the hoop jumping and corporate jargon you get with bigger agencies. I wanted to let business know that video production is really important but also cost-effective and affordable when done right and with a personal service.

So having embarked on creating your own business. What advice would you give to someone thinking about starting their own business?

I would say, go with your gut. Take the leap. It'll be hard but incredibly rewarding and you should trust your instincts on that.

I love that advice! I think that is so true! Always listen to your gut. So to round off the interview Calum, what is a fun fact about yourself?

I have an irrational fear of all birds, especially geese.

I think a lot of people share your fear! Thank you so much for taking the time to speak to myself and Enterprise Orchard about yourself and BeYou Creations. We wish you every success. Thank you.

Thank you.


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